New RPGs Purchased [1]

I have purchased 3 new RPGs. It has occured to me that all of those RPG happen to be published by NIS America, but… It’s really kind of freaky when you think about it. Anyway, they are: Disgaea 2, Ar Tonelico and Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny. I didn’t opt on getting Izumo 2 and Atelier Iris: Grand Fantasm but… I was kinda scared that I’d be getting too many. Disgaea 2 and Ar Tonelico are in Japanese (obviously) and Atelier Iris 2 is in English. Haha, I can’t wait to be getting around to playing Disgaea 2. Well, this means I won’t be updating Disgaea 1 that much anymore…


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Suikoden V [2]

Still in the training stages, I’ve already finished up with quite a few SoDs, as well as getting their epics to the current max (which is A rank magic, due to my Elementary Magic book). Average for current party I’d gauge is around ~49, give or take one or two levels. The enemies become far too easy now, but it’s annoying to find a good SP farming spot. I’ve almost hit the 10 million potch mark. I should be thankful that Prosperity Orbs stack!

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Disgaea [1]

I just re-started Disgaea from a fresh file, and I’m currently on Episode 3, just finished the last area for Episode 2. Which was unusually hard, but that was because when I played it last time I had stronger units/people (average now is around ~8, before it was ~11) and I bothered to get a Star Mage and I had a gun-toting Green Mage who kicked much ass. But now I’m being a bit more realistic with my playthrough though getting a gun-using mage/cleric would be fun. Or a swordgirl. Oh wait, that’s what my warrior is for. Yes, I use Disgaea until I get Disgaea 2… :x

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Makai Kingdom [1]

On my 6th runthrough! Of Makai Kingdom! No, seriously. I was bored, so that’s why I played it and beat it 5 times. Each with new game+ files… So yeah. Carry over levels, items, and all that. But it’s annoying to go through the storyline. I’m doing it mainly to get the remaining unlockables – Pram, Alexander, and the battleship Yoshitsuna. Highest levelled unit is a Samura Legend at level 1102. I wish I could get pictures. When I do, I’ll show them off and stuff. I’m training weapon levels… and Zetta kicks ass with a beam saber. Omega Force deals at least 20k and over without buffs. So that’s pretty interesting to me. But my Samurai still pwnz in the end. 30k+ with Storm Blade. Apparently Storm Blade does more output damage than Rolling Thunder does despite Rolling Thunder being a supposedly stronger attack. Then again her Katana is at level 22…

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Suikoden V [1]

I’ve already started on this game several weeks ago but I still find it worthy to be posting some stuff here. Note that there will not be ANY pictures until I get off my lazy ass and install the software before actually taking the pictures and then uploading them. Alright, so let’s see.

I’ve already tackled through half-way of the game and have reached the next “free-point” of sorts where I have recruited all of the possible SoDs until this point in the game. I’ve also decided on training all my fighter SoDs until their skills have reached their peak (ie. until I can no longer raise the rank). I’ve finished quite a few, but with the advent of more SoDs joining my ranks I have to keep them up to shape. Yes, that means I’ve gotten the extension to my castle. Strangely enough, L range weapons have a L12 attack of 185, which is 5 higher than M or S range… I find that kind of strange. But that will be for another time. So at the moment, I’m in my training stages… I’ll post again whenever I can.

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No, seriously. This is just a placeholder post that pretty much explains the purpose of this. Now, this is going to be a place where I will blog the various RPGs and stuff that I play. Seeing as I’ve beaten quite a lot of them (91 as of now)… Well, this is relatively short but that really can’t be helped.

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